Wardens Rising is a uniquely thrilling mix of ARPG shooter and base defense. Play the campaign solo or co-op as well as mission mode with up to 4 players online!

Choose a Warden and embark on a campaign to protect vital energy cores across the realm against massive enemy invasions. Fight off enemies with your abilities, tactical items, and battle companion while building powerful defense towers!

Between battles gain power and customize your build, unlock new tech, upgrade your stats, abilities, and gear. Defend cores from invasions across the realm and defeat invasion bosses to attain glory as a Warden and save humanity from the existential threat.


Choose your Warden and SPEC companion

Choose from 5 Warden hero classes, each with unique abilities, and a SPEC companion to boost resource generation, repair structures, and fight by your side!

Fight. Build. Defend.

Defend synthesis cores against massive enemy invasions using your Warden’s special abilities + building towers and deploying a wide variety of tactical items while you fight!

Customize Your Build

Unlock, upgrade, and customize your gear, then configure your loadout to suit your playstyle and strategy. Use your Synthesis-powered gear to sprint, jump and glide around the map. Build towers and deploy tactical items to support your strategy.

Attain Glory and Prestige as a Warden

Become an elite defender of the realm. Defeat the bosses to clear all regions. Take on mission mode with up to 4 players or replay campaign levels to hone skills and acquire more souls and victory points to upgrade your hero and gear. Earn achievements to mark your success among Wardens.