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Friday, February 19, 2021
Wardens Rising is now on Steam

We’re glad to announce that Wardens Rising Steam page is now live! Wardens Rising combines fast-paced action and MOBA-like base defense into one uniquely thrilling PvE Coop Action Hero Shooter. We thank all our developer team, game testers, partners and investors that helped us so far.

In this genre-bending experience heroes must protect vital energy core across the realm from massive enemy invasions – armed with their special abilities and customizable loadout of technology including tactical items, defense towers, interdimensional artifacts and a SPEC companion. Between invasions upgrade your hero and gear as well as unlock new content to equip to your loadout configuration.

A wide variety of content, customizable hero loadouts, alternative game modes, procedurally generated content, and the ability to create invasions provide tons of replay-ability.

Check out our Steam page to learn more and follow the game.

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