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Wardens Rising 2nd Round of Game Testing (Nov, 2020)

Big Moxi is pleased to announce that Wardens Rising pre-alpha game is available for the G.Round community for a 2nd round of tests. Wardens Rising multiplayer Co-Op experience (with up to 4 players) is available during the November 2020 G.Round event. In addition to multiplayer we updated the game user-interface as well as created new enemies and maps. We’ve also added new tactical items like traps and walls to support your core defense strategy by disrupting enemy invaders. Lastly we’ve updated the core game mechanics so that now enemies not only attack the core and your towers but they also attack power-nodes located around the map. These power-nodes provide a boost to resource generation so it’s important they are not all disabled. We look forward to hearing what our pre-alpha testers think about the game so far!

Closed New Investment Round (Aug, 2020)

Big Moxi closes new round of angel investment from 12 angels located all across the globe. This capital will support completion of our 1st IP Wardens Rising and enable us to grow our Porto Alegre Studio. Thanks to Global Top Round helping us secure this capital and to the investors who believe in our vision.

Wardens Rising Team is Growing (Jul, 2020)

Big Moxi begins to ramp up Wardens Rising into full production mode with the hiring of 3 new developers for our studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil. We welcome 2 new Unreal Programmers, and one new UI designer to join our passionate team.

Selected TOP 10 for GTR 2019 (Oct, 2019)

We are excited to announce that Big Moxi Games and our new project Wardens Rising was just selected as a TOP 10 studio in a global game studio business accelerator program run by Global Top Round. Out of hundreds of applicants, only 20 were selected to attend the conference and all the studios there were truly talented. To be selected for the Top 10 was an honor. This qualifies Big Moxi Games for angel investment capital to help develop our IP and build our studio. The GTR program will also provide valuable insights through its G.Round global game platform launching in 2020. A special thanks to our amazing game dev team, GTR, and all the other studios.